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I don’t ask for much…

May 3, 2012

Dear Jeeves,

Please bring me some calamari and an order of Bang Bang shrimp, along with a lightly chilled bottle of sparkling water.  While I am nibbling those, would you please put the TV on the HD National Geographic channel?  What?  I don’t care if we don’t have HD or that we don’t get the National Geographic channel.  Just make it so, please!  Oh, ok, stop blubbering.  Just put it on Law and Order or CSI.  Those are always playing on some channel.  Sheesh.

Now, if you would be so kind, would you please massage my feet while I’m eating and watching TV?   Yes, my ankles too.  Why are you acting like this is so strange?  Good grief.

I think a light dessert would be nice.  Please bring me a glass of champagne and a nice big bowl of fresh strawberries and some very lightly sweetened whipped cream, along with a bit of shaved chocolate.  Dark, please.  No, really, just a little bit, not a whole bar.  I just want a little for a tasty garnish.  That’s eno—oh, never mind.  Yes, that would be fine.  Whatever.

Good help is so hard to find, even if just in my imagination.


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