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An evening at the big desk

May 5, 2012

It is Cinco de Mayo and do I have a half-price margarita in hand to celebrate?  No.  I don’t even have a full-priced one.  Nor do I have a chocolate angel cream donut from The Donut Hole, which is a sugar bomb beyond imagination but dang it, I sure do want one.  There is no convincing myself to be satisfied with fruit or a nice glass of water tonight. Sometimes a girl wants something a little sweet.  Or a lot of sweet.

I’ve been sitting here twinking around on the computer.  I worked all day and so it took me a while to get caught up with email and blogs and Facebook and all that jazz.  The Sparkette is watching Hairspray in the next room and I’ll probably be singing those songs in my head for the next couple of days.  That movie is just like that.

After dinner tonight we hopped in the van and went to see the super moon.  We can’t see it until it’s well into the sky here in our neighborhood, so we decided to drive to where we could see it lower.  It had already risen but was still fairly low in the horizon– low enough to look really huge and round and bright.  It was very cool.  I love it when the moon is so bright that you can see colors in its light.   I love it when it’s so obvious that the moon is a sun-lit object.

“You can’t stop an avalanche as it races down the hill…”

Good grief.

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