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They like me! They really like me!

May 14, 2012

Saturday night was Bless Lisa night.  Mr. Sparky stopped in at Fresh Market and brought home tasty bread, some goat cheese, a pint of Graeter’s Ice Cream, and a intoxicatingly wonderful gardenia plant that is in bloom.  I had worked all afternoon into the early evening, so it was nice to get some blessin’.

Simple carbs, a taste of Ohio, sweet-smelly flower=Big Beauteous Blessing.

I woke up a few minutes earlier than usual yesterday morning.  I knew it was going to be a super long day since we were going to church in the morning, out to lunch, and then I was scheduled to work from 3:30-10:30pm…and I never actually get out of there as early as 10:30 when I have those sorts of shifts.  So I went trip-trapping downstairs to bring the coffee pot upstairs to hook up to a personal IV for some post-shower refreshment, only to be shocked that the Sparkette was already out of bed.  She never gets out of bed without threats of bodily harm made at high volume with little bits of spittle flying.  Before I could say anything, the door to the garage swung open and the Baton Rouge Sparkette walked through the door.  She came home to surprise me!

I was very surprised.  I squealed.  More than once.

The two Sparkettes made breakfast for me while I went upstairs to get ready.  The Far-Away Sparkette called while I was beautifying myself.  I could tell she was a little homesick, knowing that her sisters and her mom were all together without her.  I was homesick for her, too.  I miss my Pidge.

So I got ready and we went to church, and afterward we drove over to the Jr. Spark’s house to pick him up to take him out to lunch with us.  He’d called me earlier in the week to ask to take me out for Mother’s Day, and I’d told him that we’d get him and take him with us wherever we decided to go.  But when we got there, I found out that we weren’t going out to lunch.  It was better than that.  Jr. Spark was cooking lunch for us!  For me!  He grilled some tasty kabobs and corn on the cob.

Everyone helped him put the kabobs together.  Well, except me.  I was busy taking poor quality photos with my phone.  That’s a lot of work too, you know.

And afterward we all went out for frozen yogurt.  Mine was free because I am the mama and it was Mama’s Day and Yogurt Mountain is cool like that.  Now if they’d only offer mochi on their topping bar…

I have four great kids, and here are three of them…

I also have a yummy Love Nugget of a Grandspark…

We have some fun now and then.

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