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Thing 3

May 21, 2012

Yesterday I wrote about Happy Thing 1 and Happy Thing 2.  Today I am going to tell you about Happy Thing 3.  And oh…this is indeed a VERY Happy Thing for me.

On Saturday morning this is the view of the Hateful Tree in my back yard:

The Hateful Tree in all its Hatefulness

Good gravy, but I do not like that horrid tree.

Anyway…this morning, this is how the Hateful Tree looks:


It’s still hateful, but there is less of it to hate.  And that is a Happy Thing!  We had hacked off all we could reach and I’m sure this wily tree thought it had outsmarted us, but it did not count on Mr. Tree Hacker coming with a ladder and a chain saw and a willingness to do some work at a very reasonable price.  The double trunk is gone and the remaining trunk is trimmed far, far out of anyone’s reach.  Yay.

While he was at it, Mr. Tree Hacker did some other highly useful trimming.


And after:

My garage roof must feel freed from those overbearing branches that have been scratching and screeching and crowding it for the past couple of years.  Or perhaps I’m projecting…

Today I could observe one quick result of thinning out the Hateful Tree.  My deck got sun at least an hour earlier than usual.  This made for much happier plants.

I guess I could declare the plants Happy Thing 3.5.



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