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Thing 4

May 21, 2012

I feel a little funny calling this a Happy Thing, because it’s only a Happy Thing because deeply Terrible Things exist, and this Happy Thing is about opposing Terrible Things.  Nevertheless, it is opposition which means less room for Terrible Things in the world, and how can I not be happy about that?

Back in January I launched Project Jubilee.  If you click on that link it will take you to the blog post that announced it.  If you click on this link, it will take you to the actual Project Jubilee page.  Either one will explain what Project Jubilee is, in case you showed up late to the party and missed it.

It has now been five months since the launch, and we’re officially 25% to the goal!  We’ve raised $1,123 of the $4,500 I intend to raise before January 21st of 2013.

I’m not good at math, but even I can see that the fundraising is not currently keeping pace with the time passing.  It would be easy to fret about that.  Sometimes I start to do exactly that.  And then I remember that this isn’t really my project.  This isn’t about me.  I knew going in that I did not have the means to do this on my own.  I am standing in faith that this will end with the goal met, but how exactly that’s going to happen, I haven’t a foggy notion.  It’s a God-sized project, not a Sparky-sized project.

All I know is that this is important.  God has a heart for those who are oppressed, who need justice and have nobody to stand up for them.   Every day we are surrounded by people who are oppressed in their minds and spirits.  It is my heart to stand up for them, to help them find the freedom Jesus paid for them to have.  I love that over the years God has been equipping me to do exactly that.  But there are people who aren’t just oppressed in mind and spirit, but also in body. They are controlled, abused and exploited for the benefit of others, and they are not free to leave their oppressive situations.  Preaching spiritual freedom to them without securing physical freedom for them is a ridiculous thought.  That I’m not equipped to do, but I can help raise the money required for those who are equipped to be able to do their job effectively.  Even if I don’t have the money myself, I can tell others about this and pray that God sparks their hearts to be part of the movement that shows love by first securing justice and mercy on the behalf of those who cannot gain it for themselves.  Together, we can do this.

If you’d like to participate– and I really hope you will, even if we’ve never met, even if you just stumbled upon this blog by accident (as if there is such a thing)– you can go to my page at First Giving to do so.  First Giving is an online fundraising site.  None of the money actually goes through me, so if you’re wondering if I’m building a summer home in the Blue Ridge Mountains with the money you donate, you can rest your pretty head that I’m sweating it out and slapping skeeters here in FL with not so much as a lean-to shack in backwater Mississippi in sight.

We really can do this.  Won’t you help?

And by you, I mean YOU.



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