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When the air is in a hurry

June 23, 2012

There’s a tropical storm churning in the Gulf.  Tropical Storm Debbie.  Nothing too dramatic just yet, but these things can blow up overnight, especially if the Gulf is warm.  And since we got little cool weather this past year, it’s warm.

We moved to the Gulf coast in 1997, and within 24 hours we were embroiled in our first hurricane watch.  To make things more interesting, we had just moved into a house and the movers had damaged our TV.  We had picture, but no sound.  It was a heck of an experience since we’d never lived in a hurricane area before and had no idea what to expect.  The hurricane stalled over Mobile Bay, nearly sucking it dry and then dumping the water elsewhere.  We ended up getting a lot of rain, but not much else.  Not too bad for our first one.

Most of my life I’ve spent in tornado zones.  Those things are creepy.  They can hit with relatively little warning, and in the middle of the night, too.  My dad and I once watched one form from the front door of our house in Ohio.  It swirled to the hilltop across the river, and as it touched down just beyond the crest I saw an entire roof go spinning up into the air…and then it exploded.  That storm did strange damage.  When Mr. Sparky and I lived in South Dakota, tornado sirens were just part of the summer.  Now, I realize that in most areas a siren means “head to the basement!”.  But were we were, it meant “Put your kids in the basement, then run outside and see what’s going on!”  It was fascinating to watch the skies boil and churn.

Hurricanes and tornadoes both give a person a healthy respect for the power of wind.  I like thunderstorms…until the wind kicks up.  Then not so much.  It’s pretty amazing when you think about it:  air can move with so much force that it can destroy strong things.  Trees.  Buildings.  Bridges.  Things built to last…unless a 200mph wind comes along.

I find it interesting that the Holy Spirit is described as wind.   Moving air.  Air that can be refreshing and cooling.  Air that can blow good things our way.  Air that can rip up, tear down, and destroy.  And when life gets stormy, it’s a sure bet that He’s in it.  But unlike natural storms, which I like less once the wind shows up, life storms become more bearable when I can sense the Wind.  I know there is purpose.  I know there is direction.   There has to be if there’s Wind.

I have no idea what the weather will be when I awake in the morning.  The tropical storm isn’t supposed to head this way, but we often feel the effects of a storm like that passing through the Gulf even if it doesn’t hit us.  I wouldn’t mind a bit of rain.

I like it when God waters my plants for me.

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