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Fire and rain

July 2, 2012

This past week a wildfire roared through parts of Colorado Springs, consuming 346 homes and 2 lives.

A few days ago a powerful thunderstorm blew through the Midwest and parts of the middle south and mid-Atlantic coastal areas, leaving millions without power due to damage from extremely high winds that were sometimes hurricane force.

And the Midwest and mid-South are getting slammed with a heat wave that is jacking temperatures well over one hundred degrees.

I have friends and family in all of these areas.  I am so glad to report that we’ve accounted for all of them.  No homes of loved ones burned in the fires in spite of some close calls.  The storms brought loss of power and property (mostly trees) to friends and members of my family, but even though the predicted time for restoring power was 5-7 days, my parents and my sister and her family have it back unexpectedly early.  Others are still waiting, but crews are working to restore power to them, too.

Earlier this past week Tropical Storm Debby aimed for Texas…make that Louisiana…make that directly for us…well, ok, how about Tampa? Debby was a very indecisive lady.  We had a day of strong gusty winds and a little bit of rain, but while the rest of Florida was getting slammed, we had beautiful blue skies with the occasional puffy white cloud.

I am grateful for mercies that I do not understand.

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  1. July 2, 2012 12:53 am

    Ditto. Very grateful!

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