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An Apple for Mickey

July 4, 2012

Ok…after days of donning my Viking suit and helmet and stomping around in boots, hollering that I will not be conquered by a computer, I may or may not have broken down and purchased a mouse for the iCuss.

Desperate times lead to desperate measures.

I do intend to learn how to use that trackpad, but right now Trackpad Angst combined with MacBook Indoctrination,  Teeny Keyboard Finger Cramp Syndrome, and Safari Surfin’ Seizures is about to do me in.  I figure if I can at least navigate the simple stuff, I’ll better figure out the less intuitive stuff.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I did not buy a Magic Mouse.  It looked cool, but it seemed overkill for someone who can’t yet figure out the basic computer.  Plus it cost many merry moolahs, and I only had a few mildly amused pesos, which Microsoft was more than happy to take off my hands.  I’m hoping to figure out how to use the mouse tomorrow.  I mean, I know how to use a mouse, but I’ve never actually taken one out of its packaging and plugged it in and made it work.  It sounds intimidating, but I figure if I’m wearing the Viking suit, how much trouble will it dare give me?

Don’t answer that.

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