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Beyond Wall Street

July 5, 2012

Something I have noticed:

Value does not equal valuable.

Yesterday I was listening to a podcast and the speaker made a profound statement.  He said that no matter how gifted we are, as long as we are held captive by the fear of man, we can be bought.  And if we can be bought, our gifts can be perverted to work for the wrong team.

Now THAT is scary.

I want to set my sight on one kingdom, and one kingdom only.  I don’t want to switch loyalties when it is convenient for me.  I don’t want to attempt to serve God and anything or anyone else.  I don’t always do this One Thing stuff perfectly, but it’s where my heart is.  It’s the direction I’m facing.

A while back I began to suspect that a Facebook friend had switched up some settings so that I would no longer be able to see their posts.  Recently, my suspicions were confirmed.  It is likely my crime was guilt by association, because there hadn’t been so much as a cross word between us, but there had been a falling out with a mutual friend.  It was probably enough to put me in the security settings line of fire.

I will freely admit that my feelings were a bit hurt.  But the real issue for me went deeper.  This was someone I’d invested in over the years.  That investment was one of time and physical, emotional, creative, mental, and spiritual energy.  I knew it wasn’t looking like my investment was paying off very well, but I was in it for the long haul.  I hoped to one day see fruit.

Which is a potential problem.  Because there is no guarantee of that.

When we invest in the kingdom, it’s for purposes we may never live to see realized.  It may be that our great-great-great grandchildren and their generation are the ones who finally get to enjoy the fruit of our investments.  It’s not always that way, but we can never rightfully expect it to be anything other than that way.  Our King is eternal and doesn’t see time the same way we do.  He tells us that we should not grow weary in doing good, because in due season we will reap a harvest from our season of sowing.  But He doesn’t define “due season” according to human timetables.  He just says there is one, and He’s paying attention to it.

We humans tend to value a lot of worthless stuff, especially here in America.  We grasp for things that are of no more lasting value than a basket of hay and dust, which can incinerate in a matter of seconds.  We want security, we want recognition and praise from others, we want money, we want to insulate ourselves from pain.  And so we make straw suits, and sell our gifts to the highest bidder.

We really don’t understand eternal treasure at all, nor do we understand that we are eternal treasure.

Eternal treasure really shouldn’t be dancing around with its pants on fire.



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  1. Joann permalink
    July 5, 2012 6:34 am

    That is just what I needed to read first thing this morning! Thank you!

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