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August 1, 2012

It feels like it’s been a long time since I wrote on this screen.  And for the most part, it has.

Right now I’m sitting on the sofa, half an ear trained to the Olympics while I tap on the iCuss, which may need a new name after its reform school visit to the Computer Whisperer.  Mr. Sparky is off at band practice where is rehearsing his cool bass man moves (the instrument, not the fish).  The Sparkette has gone to spend the night at a friend’s house.   I have the house to myself, as long as you don’t count Jake the Jerk-Faced Dog, Agent Mooshie, Doctor Love, and Queen Fancypants, all of whom are conspiring to shed on me.  It’s weird to have the house to myself, especially in the evening.

My FaceBook feed is blowing up with reports of who ate chicken today.  I’m starting to wonder if there’s anything else to talk about.  Or in many cases, argue about.  In the middle of the noise I’ve realized something important about myself:

I am not a Christian activist, nor do I want to be.

I would rather be a believer with an active faith.

Active, alive, filled with movement, directed with purpose, fueled by supernatural power, drenched in love.

If the choice is to be right or to be in relationship, I’d rather be in relationship.  I don’t have a personal need to be right.  And if I’m really honest, right now it’s harder to hold that line with those of my spiritual siblings who are choosing arrogance and a “we’ll show ’em!” attitude than it is those of the gay and lesbian community who have felt threatened and offended because of the statements made my the founder of Chick-fil-a.  But if the statement applies to one, then it applies to both.  Love covers.  It covers whether I agree or not.  Jesus never asked my opinion.  He just asked me to represent His.

As I’ve sat here tapping on the keyboard, world records have been broken in Olympic competition.  It must be very cool to be the fastest ever, or the strongest ever, or the most skilled ever.

We humans sure are a competitive bunch.



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  1. August 1, 2012 10:14 pm

    Very well put! This is exactly how I feel about the issue and why I can’t run out and stand in liine to support what you very wel described as an arrogant “we’ll show ’em attitude when I don’t feel called to that nor do I have that kind of “fight” in me…I feel called to love, to show the love of Christ through acts of compassion and kindness….what your Hannah did in buying some chick fil a for the two homeless ladies down the street…now that’s more what we’re called to…that’s being the hands and feet of Jesus to a world who needs to see and know the mercy and grace God has given to us!

  2. August 1, 2012 10:23 pm

    If we were as driven to be as loving and serving and forgiving and helping as we are about being right or feeling like we are right the world would be a different place.

    What if every one of those chicken sandwiches bought today to show support of one man’s right to his beliefs had been delivered to a food bank or better yet handed face to face to a homeless person along as the purchaser sat down to hear their story.

    What if we stopped being activists and just started putting our beliefs in action?

  3. erickyp permalink
    August 2, 2012 8:20 am

    Where is the “like” button?

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