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Like a cheap dime store novel…

August 6, 2012
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I was in Target tonight when I overheard an exchange between two boys who were of elementary school age.  One was looking though the book section while the other impatiently waited in the aisle, obviously wanting to move on to another part of the store.

“Why are you looking at those?” asked the impatient Aisle Hugger.

“Everyone likes to read!” exclaimed the little Book Browser.

“They don’t like to read during the summer,” countered Aisle Hugger.

“I do!” Book Browser replied.  ” I like to read online and I like books and I like…”

He went on, listing all the things he liked to read.  I had to smile.  His friend didn’t yet understand what he had discovered: that reading is a key to many different worlds in a whole new universe.  Reading isn’t just a skill teachers force upon unsuspecting young minds in order to torment them.  Reading is a ticket that takes you beyond your own life.

I remember a day in fourth grade when I was sneaking a book during class.  I was completely sucked into the story when there was a tap at my shoulder.  I looked up to find my teacher hovering over me and the rest of the classroom empty.  Busted!  I had become so engrossed that I hadn’t even heard my classmates get up and go out to recess.  How do you miss thirty-some nine and ten-year olds racing for the playground?  Don’t they pretty much sound like a stampede of elephants in everything they do?

I’m not a good technical reader.  Oh, I can, but if the subject doesn’t interest me I’m slow and retain poorly.  But if I’m interested, I can devour books like popcorn.

I don’t have time to read a lot these days.  When I do, I don’t read many novels.  I get so caught up in the stories that my life stops until I’ve consumed the entire book.  I barely even sleep because I am too busy reading, and once I force myself to turn out the light I just toss and turn as I think about the storyline I’ve been living.  It’s much safer to stick with magazines and books that require a bit more head space and chew.  I can put those down fairly easily, and return to them when I have time.

I hope the Aisle Hugger figures it out.  I hope he has an “A-HA!” moment and realizes that reading can take you to different times and places and introduce you to the wildest people imaginable.

His Book Browser friend would certainly appreciate it, I’m sure.  No more nagging during shopping in his favorite department.

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  1. August 6, 2012 4:31 pm

    Major story line coming to a mailbox near you soon.

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