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Waiting for Isaac

August 26, 2012

For days now we’ve watched the Weather Channel like a hawk, hoping that the Angel of Death and Doom, aka Jim Cantore, doesn’t show up in our neighborhood.

Life advice: if Jim Cantore or Christiane Amanpour ever show up where you are, leave immediately.  It’s not gonna turn out well for you if you stay.

Tropical Storm Isaac has entered the Gulf of Mexico and is ramping up to become a hurricane.  Original predictions had it barreling right for us, but those are already shifting and the center of the storm is currently expected to make landfall somewhere between the LA/TX border and the AL/FL border.  As you can see, they’ve narrowed it down to “somewhere along the Gulf Coast”.  We will almost certainly see some rain and wind out of this, but probably not to the extent originally predicted.

Then again, you just never know.  These storms have a way of getting into the Gulf, stewing over the nice warm waters, and doing whatever the heck they please, all the while nanny-nanny-boo-booing at NOAA and the Hurricane Center.  Small storms blow up in a matter of hours.  Big ones peter out in the same.  Westward storms suddenly stop and make a quick run for the north, zig-zagging like a squirrel in the middle of the road.  The truth is, for all of the glories of science, nobody knows exactly where a hurricane will go until it actually goes there.

Right now I’m wondering if Isaac will bring us any gifts.  That may sound strange, but Isaac has already taken something of value from me, canceling a much anticipated visit that would result in some much-anticipated fun time with someone I just don’t see often enough as it is.  So there’s got to be redemption somewhere, I figure.  There has to be a gift, if I just have eyes to see it and a heart that knows how to value it.

In other words, I’m trying hard not to pout.

We have water and toilet paper and bread and candles and flashlights and pet food and all the basics just in case we get storm-smacked.  I hope it ends up being some rain and maybe a few boomers, enough to make us hunker down inside but not so much to cause damage.  I love a rainy day.  But a rainy day with hurricane-force winds?  Not so much.

Jake the Jerk-Faced Dog really is going to think the sky is falling.

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  1. August 27, 2012 12:26 am

    It’s gotta be enough of a “threat” to get us out of work ;)

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