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THAT was Isaac?

August 29, 2012

Ahhhhh…I’m back in my space.  Big desk, fuzzy cat perched on top, farting dog underfoot, orchids drooping pitifully because I keep forgetting to water them…yup, this is my space.

When I weaned myself off the Big Desk Computer and onto the iCuss, I began using the iCuss in other areas of the house.  I have to admit, it’s very convenient to do that.  But in time I found myself missing my quiet little corner.  It was hard to get into the right frame of mind for blogging when I was anywhere else.  I was physically and creatively uncomfortable, and I watched my blogging habits go out the window.  Somehow, sitting and staring at a blank screen seemed a lot more intolerable when I was anywhere else.  But here?  At least it’s quiet and peaceful as I stare.  Most of the time.

The iCuss wasn’t workable at the Big Desk until the Big Desk Computer was moved to the Small Desk and the Small Desk Computer was sent to that giant toxic dump in the sky.  Mr. Sparky spent the morning doing the Computer Shuffle, and now there is once again room for me to work in my space.  It’s not yet truly comfortable, because my old computer chair crapped out and needs repair, and so I’m sitting in my OLD old computer chair which has about as much support as a hammock.  But until the parts for the repair arrive, I can deal with the slouching.  It’s not forever.  I hope.

Tomorrow the Sparkette goes back to school.  Thus far Mr. Sparky has not been recalled to work, but we won’t be surprised if that happens in the morning.  Isaac became a hurricane this afternoon, only a few hours before making landfall at the mouth of the Mississippi.  The LSU Sparkette is hunkered down with friends, waiting for the big blow to hit.  She will almost certainly see a much stronger storm than we did. Our Tropical Storm Warning really didn’t amount to much where we are.  One rain squall.  Some strong breezes, but nothing really alarming.  Down on the beach it was rougher, with rough surf and storm surge, and at least some power outages.  But in general, this area was spared what originally had the potential to be a nasty storm.  For Louisiana, it could still be a nasty storm.

I never got to Les Miserables today because yesterday’s mail brought the ultimate trump card:  my National Geographic magazine.  When that thing arrives I can’t help myself.  I drop everything and read it from one cover to another.  I figure if I understand 75% of what I read and retain 25% of that, then I’m doing really well.  If nothing else, there are all those cool photos…


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  1. August 29, 2012 12:48 am

    Just why do the calk it the iCuss? does it make you cuss a lot….I’m sure you’ve been asked that one or two!

    Isaac was nothing here for sure…I’ve seen way worse tropical storms…I just let the dogs out and there are sustained winds out there right now…maybe 40 mph?? I’m not a good judge of wind speed….

    • August 29, 2012 12:50 am

      There is a cussable learning curve with both a laptop and a Mac. This machine is both. ;)

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