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She’ll have fun, fun, fun…

October 16, 2012

Last week the youngest Sparkette asked me to take her to get her driver’s permit.  I set aside a day to do so, but as I was digging around the DMV website to figure out what sort of documentation we’d need to provide (government ID, birth certificate, blood sample, throat swab, and a chip of a 12 year molar), I realized that she’d not yet taken the Drugs, Alcohol, and Traffic Awareness course.

Four hours.  $25-30 buckaroonies.  Um…not going to happen today.  But we did get her signed up for Driver’s Ed via Virtual School so Al Gore can teach her to drive on his internets.

The bottom line is that the Sparkette will be 16 in a couple of weeks.  Though she’s not wild about the idea of driving, Mr. Sparky and I have insisted that she face her fears and gain the skill, even if she doesn’t care to use it often.  We really don’t care that she drives and would be just as happy if she doesn’t drive much right away, but since she doesn’t have siblings around to support the constant revolving door in our house, she may occasionally need to get herself somewhere, or even have to come pick up a stranded parent.

“Stranded parent” is code for Mr. Sparky getting an irreparable flat on his bicycle while far from home while I’m at work.  But I don’t think he’s considered what car she’d have to use if that ever actually happened.

I think maybe I won’t bring that up just yet.



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