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Unraveling reveille

November 6, 2012

It’s been a long day.  Mr. Sparky’s day started even earlier.  Apparently he woke up around 2:00am and couldn’t get back to sleep, so he finally gave up and got up and finished a paper (Mr. Sparky is working on his masters degree).  It was a great use of the time.

Unfortunately, he forgot to turn off his alarm, which was set for 4:10am.

At 4:10am I am awakened out of a dream, confused by the raucous beeping of the alarm clock.  I had no idea why it was going off or where Mr. Sparky was.  I just wanted the racket to stop.  So I groggily started punching random buttons in an attempt to stop the beeping.  It wasn’t really working, and in the meanwhile I seemed to be activating all sorts of other noises and settings on the clock because it was beginning to blink, click and whir like a UFO.  I grabbed a flashlight and aimed it at the offending noisemaker.  That didn’t really help, either.  I finally figured out that in order to turn off his alarm clock, you simply press the same buttons that turn off my alarm clock.

Technology confuses me.  I mean, seriously…a dual alarm clock that has a radio/CD player in it, complete with five pre-sets, is just asking for trouble.  I start wheezing when I have to remember to do anything more than tell time.

Once the alarm was off I was stuck with a clock that had things lit up that weren’t supposed to be lit up.  This was due to my panicked pressing of random buttons.  In my sleepy but adrenalin-infused state, I only knew of one way to handle this issue:  I kept pressing random buttons, hoping that I would hit the magic sequence that would turn off all the lights and notifications.  And eventually, it worked. though I have no idea what I did that was successful.  In retrospect I should have just unplugged the thing.

Of course, by the time this whole fiasco was over, I was awake.  Like, really awake.  However, unlike Mr. Sparky I did not get up and do something productive.  No, much better to toss and turn for hours, wishing I could fall back into the dream I was in when this whole fiasco began.

‘Cause that’s just how I roll.

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