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The Chex Lab

November 27, 2012

My new headphones came today.  Admit it, you have headphone envy.  My old ones crapped out and were barely putting out some faint tinny sound, so I ordered the new ones that now come with the iPhone 5.  I hope to have that some day, too, but for now I’m happy that I can actually hear through the headphones once again.

I attempted a prototype of an Asian-inspired Chex Mix today.  It smelled wonderfully Asian-y when I put it together.  However, after 45 minutes of baking it was too salty and tasted rather burnt, even though it wasn’t.  The salt issue is easy to fix.  Not sure about the rest of it, though.  It does taste better now that it’s had a bunch of hours to mellow, but I’m still not satisfied.  I’m glad I only made a half-batch.  I will reattempt again soon.  Might need a spacer batch of my spicy recipe first.  You know, a palate cleanser.

I also made a half-batch of regular Chex Mix for the Sparkette, who does not share the rest of the family’s taste for fire.  Must be a recessive gene.


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