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Into the calm

January 9, 2013

It is 12:50am as I begin to write this.  Late.  Much later than I planned on staying up, but the Sparkette had friends here working feverishly on a school project due tomorrow.  It’s not even Sparkette’s project, but she owns the copy of Premiere they needed to complete the project.  The last friend just left, and the Sparkette has gone to bed.

My house is finally quiet.

I find it amazing that when I was younger I would look for ways to have noise in the house.  I’d have the TV on just to have background noise.  I guess it felt like having company.  I don’t know for sure; it’s hard to remember now.

Now I’m the opposite.  I like quiet.  I like solitude. My inner introvert finally recognized that the noise and the activity were depleting, not energizing.  As the house begins to settle into the calm rhythm of the snoring cats, I can feel myself exhale just a little bit more deeply. I can feel my skin beginning to fit.

I can think of many friends with whom I’d love to curl up on the sofa, steaming mug of tea in hand, and chat the hours away.  But after we say goodnight I still need a little time to decompress and bring myself to stillness, whether it be with a book, a mindless game of solitaire, or writing a bit of nonsense to post on Al Gore’s internets.

This bit of nonsense completed, it’s time to give the snoring cats one last pet and call it a night.

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