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Too late for this biz

January 16, 2013

It’s 2:50am and I can’t seem to fall asleep.  No amount of breathing or relaxation exercises seems to slow my brain or body down tonight.  I didn’t have any caffeine.  Not even chocolate.  It’s just one of those nights.

My brain seems to be serving as a superhighway for random streams of thought.  It doesn’t stay on any one thing for very long before something new buzzes in from a different direction.

I think about the National Geographic article on shamanism that I finished yesterday.  All over the world people seek to connect with something beyond themselves, to experience something supernatural.  I understand the desire.  It’s wired into us.  But really, folks…you need to get you some Jesus to take care of that problem.  This business of channeling demons for fun and profit ain’t working for you as well as you think.

Then I consider the number of valuable conversations I’ve had in the past week.  Perspective-shifters.  I should do this verbalization thing more often.

Back on the docket for the umpteenth time is the dream I had a couple of nights ago.  Most of the details and flow were lost immediately upon awakening, but it was packed full of so many bits of randomness that I couldn’t help but recall some of them.  Small town streets blocked off due to thugs racing carelessly through neighborhoods in their cars…desperately searching for Underdog and someone else, might have been Wonder Woman, I’m not sure….taking babies away from high-level two-faced politicians who were trying to look good in front of a crowd…searching through a plot of bushes with berries, trying to find a specific bush…running barefoot in a long skirt…running down a street…running up a hill…running, running, running…  I woke up tired from that dream.

Dinner was awesome.  Fish tacos.  First time I ever made ’em, but it won’t be the last.  Even the Sparkette, who does not like fish, ate two.

I’m kinda hungry right now, really.  But I don’t feel like eating anything.  Which will probably backfire because I can’t sleep when my stomach is growling.  Of course, tonight I’m not sleeping when my stomach isn’t growling, so what does it matter?

Jake the Jerk-Faced Dog is at my feet, wheezing and farting.  The cats are skulking about, curious about all this middle-of-the-night activity.

Facebook seems to be down.  Actually, it was down when I went to bed the first time, so I should say it’s still down.

I wish it wasn’t so late (or early).  I could at least pop a melatonin.  But I suspect that if I did that now I’d be sorry.  Ugh.  I really want to sleep.

Maybe a piece of toast…

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