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To her, everything but the truth was tasteless…

January 30, 2013

This morning I sat down to click through my email inboxes.  Nothing unusual about that; I do that most mornings.  But this morning I found an offer in my email that intrigued me.  It was for 100 mini-cards, free, just pay a modest shipping fee.  Mini-cards are half the size of a business card.  They’re good for exchanging info, and in the past I’ve thought of acquiring some but always came to the conclusion that any old scrap of paper would do for such activity.

But free?  Well…ok.  If you insist.

I went poking around the site, looking for card designs that I was willing to let represent me.  There were lots of cool ones, cute ones, interesting ones, dignified ones…but it was hard to find some that felt like me.  But I eventually found some I liked well enough, so I set to designing the cards.

Name?  Easy enough.

Address, phone number, email?  Sure.

Title?  Wait –what?  Title?

This is where Important People list their Important Jobs.  Like “Chief Executive Director of Strategic Management and Technological Resources Wingnut Coalition” and “Famous Singer”.  I wondered what lowercase people would put in that spot.  What would I put in that spot?  I mean, I don’t think “Professional Panty-stacker and Bosom Tamer” would really be appropriate.  So what kind of title would I have?  What sort of human being do I appear to be to others?

I decided to conduct an official scientific survey on Facebook.  At least, scientific and official enough for me.  After all, once it’s on Facebook it’s on Al Gore’s internets, and we know that everything we read on his internets is true.

I asked:  If you had to describe me to someone using single words or 2-3 word phrases, what words would best encompass who you’ve observed me to be?

I figured maybe three or four folks might respond.  Imagine my surprise when more than thirty did.

They used some amazing words.  Words like wise, creative, passionate, honest, eclectic, lover of God, woman of honor, Spirit-filled, hilarious, quirky, warrior, trustworthy, faithful, friend.  Even more words than these…too many to list here.  All of them awesome.  Things I really want to be, but I so often fall dreadfully short.

I finally finished designing my cards.  I didn’t use the words of others, but what they said gave me courage to use my own.

And that’s golden.

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  1. Joann permalink
    January 30, 2013 7:35 am

    You may feel that you fall dreadfully short, but you make an impact on each and every one of us who love you and who you have touched. Grace covers all the shortcomings, you just keep being you!

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