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Maybe it’s flying, maybe it’s falling with grace

February 6, 2013

There’s nothing that draws attention like getting naked.  Even if you’re quiet and you think nobody is paying you any mind.

I figured when I posted on Sunday that a handful of people would likely read it.  What I didn’t know is that a story about myself in one of my far-less-than-finer moments would resonate with so many people.  But if I add up all that has been said to me via comments, Facebook, private messaging, phone calls, and general conversation, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that plenty of folks were paying a lot of attention.  And somehow, when I told my story, they saw themselves.

Three days later, I still suck at talking.  There are no quick fixes for most of the stuff on that list.  I’m looking for ways to move in the opposite spirit of whatever I was doing (or not doing) before.  And I’m noting that when I’m in a place like this, the temptation to just light a match and blow it all to bits is very enticing.  Sometimes there’s no baby-stepping to a new place.  Sometimes I just need drastic.  Explosions and thunder and earthquakes and whirlwinds.

Especially whirlwinds.

I am reminded that in the kingdom there is only one legitimate direction:  from glory to glory.  When confronted with a mess of stuff that’s…well, a mess, it’s easy to forget that there’s glory in that place, and that I’m not the sum of everything I’m currently screwing up in life.  But this place I now seek to leave behind was once a place I aspired to reach.  There is glory here.  But just one wild leap away, there’s more.

Nobody said it would be easy or fun.  Nobody said there would be no cost or consequences.  But the cost of not moving forward, not reaching higher, not bowing lower, not stretching wider…well, that’s a cost I’m not willing to pay.

So here’s to life in mid-air…

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