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Good morning, Gil…

February 9, 2013

Facebook wants to know how I’m feeling.  I waffle between the temptation to yell “NONE OF YOUR BEESWAX, YOU NOSEY JERK!” and wanting to lie down on the sofa and just spill it all out to Dr. Facebook, except I know he is terrible at confidentiality.

Such is the dilemma of an introvert feeling the squeeze.

The truth is, in a span of 10 minutes I can feel empowered, bold, confident, and excited…and in those same ten minutes I can also feel freaked out, uneasy, despairing, and intimidated by my own life.  Of course, how I feel has a limited bearing on what I choose to do, but it can definitely affect the Misery Factor of the whole process.  It’s nice when one’s positive choices also line up with positive feelings.  But I can’t insist on that luxury.

One of the most important principles I apply these days is the principle of moving in the opposite spirit.  Feeling powerless?  Take action.  Feeling intimidated?  Be bold.  Feeling nervous?  Act in confidence.  Sometimes the feelings rise up and match the action.  But if they don’t, at least I know my choices didn’t degrade to match the lousiest feeling in the bag.  And sometimes I really do a terrible job at action…or boldness…or confidence.  But I figure anything that gives inertia some push-back is a step in the right direction.

And a step is a step, you know?

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