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Be it

March 5, 2013

I’ve seen it on posters.  I’ve seen it on bumper stickers.  It’s been on building marquis signs, refrigerator magnets, and t-shirts.  It’s hip and trendy to say it.  But I often wonder if anyone really believes it.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

I believe this falls apart in American Christianity more than any other place.

It often seems that deep down we believe that someone else could do a better job of changing the world.  We get really excited about the idea of others being public about their faith, especially if we believe they are in a position of influence.  If someone on American Idol says they are a Christian or sings a Christian song, then suddenly the Christian community is all over it, mounting campaigns to keep that contestant in the running, even if their talent level is questionable, comparatively.  If someone in Hollywood professes faith, then suddenly those are the movies to see, the CDs to buy.  We love a good bandwagon in the American church.

And then there are the wistful “if onlys”.  If only Oprah Winfrey would become a Christian…if only Ellen…if only Derek Jeter or Beyonce or Ke$ha or Stephen Spielberg…or anyone we perceive has more influence than we do.  Of course, I believe everyone should meet Jesus and find out how awesome He is.  Not so they can then exploit their influence to the masses, but simply because I’m sure they’d just love Him if they gave Him a chance, because who doesn’t need some abundant life?

When Jesus came to earth, it wasn’t to the heads of government or the leaders of great schools of knowledge or the shiny popular kids.  He quietly slipped into the bottom layers of society—shepherds, fishermen, carpenters, prostitutes, and tax collectors.  He never seemed concerned that those people didn’t have a public platform that would reach far with one fell swoop.  He was content to let one life change one life…and then another, and then another.  He wasn’t intimidated in the least by the idea of changing the world from the bottom up.  In fact, it seems He set it up to work that way.

Servant leaders.

I believe it’s still a fabulous plan.  Each of us has a sphere of influence just waiting to be touched by a kingdom that supersedes the rules of this world and its systems.  That kingdom is in you.  Stop looking around at others and cultivate its reality.  And though that sphere of influence varies from person to person, there’s no such thing as one too small.  If it’s your sphere, you don’t get off the hook by playing small with your life and hoping someone you see as shinier will pick up your slack.  It’s yours.  It was given to you.

Don’t expect someone else to change the world.  You do it.

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  1. March 6, 2013 8:20 am

    Amen! I may not be able to change the WHOLE world, but I can change MY world, those around me… home, work, grocery store,..where ever I happen to be! You need to submit this to that place I emailed to you. That could become another sphere of your influence!!!!!

    • March 6, 2013 8:39 am

      Gotta check that out more closely and see if it’s a good place for me at this time. Also, I’m sure they want original work that hasn’t been published somewhere, including my personal blog. But I WILL spend some time investigating when I have a couple spare brain cells to run together. :)

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