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Card me…please

April 30, 2013

Another day at work.  I never know exactly what I’ll see and hear, but working in an intimate wear store guarantees plenty of stories and plenty of things to think about.

Today was the latter.

She came into the store clutching one of our brand’s bags, my clue that she merchandise to return.  As she approached me I was struck by her appearance.  She was quite slender and well-dressed.  Her makeup was expertly applied and her face had the smooth, wrinkle-free texture of a 30-year old.  The only problem was that the rest of her was obviously in her 60s.

I am certain that her face was the result of high-end products, laser treatments, and botox.  She could barely move her facial muscles at all, and it was difficult to understand her speech because she could hardly move her mouth to speak loudly or clearly.

I had to wonder if it was worth it.  Is it worth having a face that appears young if you can’t move it to even give your friends a proper smile?  Is it worth having a face that appears young if your décolletage, um…doesn’t?

Our culture worships youthfulness.  The sad consequence of that is our culture also tends to devalue the beauty and wisdom that come with age.  It teaches us to devalue ourselves, should we actually dare into the wrinkle years.

I felt rather sad for the woman.  Her appearance spoke of extreme measures to turn back the clock. But the reality is that nobody can stop time.  We can hope to age gracefully, but we are going to age. It’s helpful if we’re kind to ourselves during the process.

Some crow’s feet and laugh lines are much better than a face that looks like it might crack if it were forced into a smiling position.  Represent your age group well, no matter what group that might be, by doing what you can to appear healthy and happy and excited about life, preferably because you are healthy and happy and excited about life.

Because really…in the end, you’re not fooling anyone.


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  1. April 30, 2013 12:49 am

    Here, here! Too many plastic people, when the world needs more realness!

  2. May 1, 2013 12:32 pm

    I think I would die if I couldn’t smile ear to ear.

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