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It’s getting crowded

June 22, 2013

It’s funny how you can live in your own skin for decades and still have days when you realize something new about yourself.  And by you, I mean me, which you probably already knew but hey, maybe you finally just figured out that cilantro tastes nasty and that Bob Dylan is a much better poet than singer, so you’re diggin’ my groove.

Here is what I’ve come to realize:  I am not a fan of the bandwagon.  Once everyone starts hopping on, I can’t wait to hop off.

I really don’t care if all the cool kids are doing it.  Whatever all the kids are doing, that’s the thing I don’t want to do anymore.  It’s so stale, it’s so old hat, it’s so yesterday, it’s so two-thousand-and-late.

I’d rather be a trend-setter than a trend-follower.  I’d rather be a bush-whacker than a beaten-path plodder.

I have no aspirations to be a good lemming.

Something in me is always scanning the horizon for what is fresh and new.  Something in me is always driving me to go farther, higher, deeper, hoping to see what’s never been seen, hear what’s never been heard, say what’s never been said.

I don’t want to become jaded like King Solomon who moaned in his sin-befuddled depression that there is nothing new under the sun.  Even if that were true– and I don’t believe it is– but even if it were, there are new ways to see old things, new ways to think about old things, and the old can be transformed.  Jesus Himself said that He makes all things new.

And I want to be on the front row each and every time He does.


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