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Loud as a cricket, quiet as a jet

July 22, 2013

I’m sitting here enjoying the evening quiet.  Except…it’s not the least bit quiet at all.  Not really.

Bugs, probably crickets, are chirping.  Peepers are hollering in the creek behind the house, and some other critters (tree frogs, I presume) are making a weird buzzing chirp-ish call.  I can hear the dull vibration of the air conditioning unit next door, and the entire house has the quiet hum that comes from all the electric appliances and products in use.  Occasionally Jake the Jerk-Faced Dog’s tags jingle as he shifts position or lets out a wimpy little shiver.  Agent Mooshie is blasting out his asthmatic purr in anticipation of a few pets from Mr. Sparky, who will surely oblige because it’s the only way to get the goofy cat to stop head-butting him.  Our own AC kicks on and now a low whooshing moves through the house.

No…it’s definitely not quiet here.

But isn’t it funny?  When I first sat down, I perceived my surroundings as quiet.  No television, no music, no loud appliances running, nobody talking.  Certainly that constitutes quiet, doesn’t it?

Or does it?

Maybe quiet isn’t about a lack of sound.  Maybe it’s more about a lack of hearing the sound that’s there.  Maybe it’s about what we tune in or tune out, what we train our brains to acknowledge.

I’ve often heard people claim that God never speaks to them.  I struggle to believe that because I know how much God loves talking to His kids.  Yes, you.  He likes talking to you.  Just because you aren’t hearing Him doesn’t mean He’s not talking.

What if you just need to adjust your tuner?  What if you assumed He’d sound like a lawnmower or a gaggle of 12 year olds playing on a wii and in reality He sounds like a tree frog or the neighbor’s air conditioning unit and you stopped hearing those years ago?

It says in the scriptures that if you seek Him, you’ll find Him.  And it’s true, you will.  But I can also testify that if you want to hear Him, then give your existence to listening– really listening, really tuning in– and you will hear Him.

I am quite sure of it.


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