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Don’t do it

July 30, 2013

Things that are not a good idea:

Rubbing your eyes before you take off your makeup.

Taking a shortcut.  Any shortcut.

Removing small jewelry over an open sink.

Rattling a plastic bag when Jake the Jerk-Faced Dog is within earshot (approx. 2.5 miles).

Expecting actual customer service from the customer service counter.

The Baconater.

Asking me what time dinner will be ready.  Seriously, people…I don’t know.  Ever.

Giving in to the thought that “just one little scratch will help that itch”…

Thinking that when I say I’m going make a quick run into Hobby Lobby that my idea of a quick run and your idea of a quick run are the same.

Starting a “little” rearranging job with the household furniture and decorations.

Directions that include the words “you can’t miss it.”.  Because you surely will.


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