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This is war

August 4, 2013

I was in the kitchen getting ready for dinner as Mr. Sparky went outside to fire up the charcoal grill.  The door to the deck no sooner closed when I heard the commotion begin:

“GHEEYONOUDDAHEAH!!!!  GO ON!”  (insert thumping and various growly noises).

I ran to the door only to be met by an indignant Mr. Sparky.

“That frizzy-tailed rat bastard was eating your tomatoes!  I caught him red-handed, sitting on the deck rail!”

“WHAT?!”  I ran outside.  Only one of my tomato plants had a few cherry tomatoes on it that were just beginning to show color.  Sure enough…those little tomatoes were gone.  “UGH!  You have got to be KIDDING ME!”

Except it wasn’t funny, because dang it, most of my tomatoes aren’t setting fruit this year and I didn’t know if I was going to get much more than those four or five little cherry tomatoes.

I found one little tomato had been knocked to the ground intact.  I took it inside and put it on my window sill to finish ripening.

Here we go again.  Another season of battling the critters.  Between the squirrels and the birds, I am just about over it.  All I want are some garden tomatoes that aren’t doused in chemicals.  Is that really so much to ask?

I hope that thieving squirrel choked on a seed.

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