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Over it

August 28, 2013

Ok, this is it.  This is the last time I’m attempting to grow tomatoes in containers in my back yard.

The Better Boy had a bunch of tomatoes on it but they disappeared before they ever had a chance to start to turn red.  I have no idea where they went.  The Brandywine never did set any fruit.  The cherry tomato in the Topsy Turvy has kept the squirrels fed but is now producing nothing, and the Sweet 100s cherry has produced ONE tiny fruit that looks a little questionable.  All the plants have lost their leaves at least halfway up the stem.  All of them look pathetic and weak.

This is not a cheap habit, this business of investing in potting soil and plants and organic fertilizer and Di-Pel and neem oil and all that jazz.  I definitely don’t do this to feed those blasted frizzy-tailed rats.

I am so over it.

Now, my peppers, on the other hand, look fabulous.  I’ve got a bumper crop of jalapeños and the mystery pepper plants the neighbor gave me are actually bearing some little sweet peppers of some sort.  One looks like a chocolate bell and the others were little red things, kind of like cherry peppers but I think cherry peppers have some spice and these definitely do not.  So next year I will still do peppers, at least jalapeños, because that’s the kind I actually eat the most of.

But no more tomatoes.

Y’all gonna have to remind me I said that, I’m sure.

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