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3, 2, 1…Here we go!

September 5, 2013

Sometimes you’re going along in life and suddenly, in a moment, everything changes.  And you know it will always be changed, that something has permanently marked you and your journey will never be the same.

But other times you know that you’re entering a season.  You won’t always be in this season; it has an in and an out.

And there is no doubt I’ve just entered a season.  It is marked by two things.

The first is an occurrence from yesterday.  I’ve been dealing with some pain around my left knee for many months.  It’s been an annoyance, and at times it’s gotten better and at times it’s gotten worse.  At all times, I made myself grit my teeth and plow through, unwilling to let it dictate my mindset or condition, in spite of the discomfort and how whacked I know my body mechanics have become as I’ve compensated for it.  But yesterday…that changed.  I was going up the stairs in my house when suddenly a very strong POP! shot through the back of my knee.  All I could do was holler while pain shot up and down my leg and wrapped itself around my knee.  My ability to tolerate the knee/leg pain came to abrupt halt.  I could no longer bend my knee or tolerate any lateral movement without severe discomfort.  After a few minutes I found I could bear weight on it as long as the leg was totally straight, but it throbbed and felt remarkably unstable, and I knew that this time something had to be done.

Mr. Sparky was ready to miss his class to take me to the base ER, but I knew that for all the pain I was in, I’d likely be handed some ibuprofen and told to find a specialist.  It made sense to me to just skip the ER and see if I could get an urgent appointment at a local orthopedic practice.  Turns out they had an appointment for this morning, and I had the adventure of driving myself there.  Actually, the driving was the easy part.  It was getting in and out of the Sparkymobile with a leg that didn’t want to bend that was rather interesting.

I would just like to say that I’m grateful for PAs who use tiny little needles full of pinchy stinging stuff to numb you up before jamming giant needles in places where they really don’t belong.  He drew off a large syringe full of dark pink synovial fluid (no, it’s not supposed to be that color), and then shot my knee full of cortisone.  I go back in three weeks to evaluate the healing process.  If it’s better, well…good.  If it’s not, then there are other things to explore.  But for now, this was a simple thing to do to give me some relief and encourage those tissues to heal.

The PA did warn me that the cortisone meant my Olympic career is over because I’d now test positive for steroids.  Pity.

The second thing that marks this season is the arrival of the Far-Away Sparkette, the two GrandSparks, and their Lolly-Headed Dog.  The GrandSparks, aka the Love Nuggets, are 28 months and 8 months old, and in April  their dynamic duo will transform into a terrific trio.  We expect them to be here until about the New Year.

My quiet house is no longer quiet in any way, shape, or form.  It has a case of Toddler Chaos.  The cats and Jake the Jerk-Faced Dog are all quite sure it’s terminal.  I told them to get over it and eat when their food is down, because the Lolly-Headed Dog is much bigger than all of them and can (and WILL) clean out their food bowls in about two mouthfuls.  That is, if the 8 month old doesn’t do it first, or the 28 month old doesn’t dump them into the water bowl.

Did you know kibble floats?

We will all need a new normal for a few months.  I have to take care of this knee.  I have a busy year in front of me that requires me to be strong and healthy, and if that means being aggressive about making room for it to heal, then so be it. And the Sparky household will be adjusting to the needs and schedules of little ones, while the little ones adjust to living in a home where the rules and boundaries might be a little different, but are still formed with the end result of peace and safety in mind.

It’s just a season.  But I hope it’s a great growing season for everyone, with a fabulous bumper crop.

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