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A happy list

September 7, 2013

Things I am happy about today:

1.  A big portion of one of my famous chocolate cakes with gravy icing is in my fridge.

2.  I have Chilton County peaches in that same fridge.

3. I finally had time to did my nails.

4. I used a new bottle of nail polish to did my nails.  It is light pink, which is officially an anti-Sparky color.  I’m feeling a bit undefinable and rebellious toward the confinement of imposed definition this evening.

5.  I got a 30% off coupon for Kohl’s.

6. Instagrams from #hopetuttle and #jarrodtredway.  They’re tearin’ up NYC this weekend, y’all!

7. Ohio State won their football game.

8. I finished the July issue of National Geographic and have begun August.  My goal is to be reading September’s before October arrives, and then get caught up so I can return to my regular pile of books.  I was at the March issue when I started on the Nat Geo backlog.  Progress!

9.  Queen Fancypants and Jake the Jerk-Faced Dog both voluntarily let the eldest GrandSpark pet them today.  Briefly, that is.  Dr. Love and Agent Mooshie didn’t feel the need to join in that game.

10.  Air conditioning.  Always air conditioning.

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