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Sort, stack, and file…

September 15, 2013

I have written and deleted the first sentence in this post about twenty times now.  My brain doesn’t seem to want to give my hands permission to let go of the thoughts in my head.  I almost get to the period at the end of the first sentence when I hear “Nope!  Retract!” and then I have to start rewinding.  It’s a perk one doesn’t get when speaking to others face-to-face, and it would be one reason I find it better to do far more listening than talking.  It saves me the trouble of trying to unsay something I’ve already said because what came out was either incomplete or poorly communicated.  I never like having to use more words to clean up the mess I got into by using a few words too quickly.

Mr. Sparky has said on more than one occasion that I first formulate my thoughts and then speak in paragraphs.  I reckon he’s right about that.  I tend to express myself in writing better than in speech, and the whole paragraph formulation thing is far more suited to writing than it is to everyday conversation.

So tonight all those thoughts jumbling around in my attic are going to have to find themselves a filing cabinet and get into some sort of order before I unleash them on the world.  There will be no barfing of alphabet soup.

I’ll just leave you with that visual.


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