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I like how you keep remembering to breathe

September 26, 2013

Ever have those days where you feel like you’re not doing anything right?  Or maybe those weeks, or months?  And you might even realize that it’s highly unlikely you’re screwing up as badly as it feels, but still…your confidence is shaken.  You can’t even seem to walk across the floor without tripping over your own two feet.

It’s always so nice when God sends some affirmation during those days (or weeks, or months).

I spent a considerable amount of time helping a woman at work today.  I didn’t do anything above or beyond what I would normally do for a customer, but she was obviously feeling a bit “too much” because of the amount of time it took to meet her needs.  It took quite a while to figure out what would work for her, and I did my best to just keep at it and and not let her sink into discouragement simply because of the difficulty of the process.  She kept apologizing, and I kept telling her that really, it’s fine…I do this every day, all day,  When we finished and I’d wrapped and bagged her purchases, she again thanked me profusely, very happy that we’d finally found something that pleased her.  And then she finally just blurted out “Can I just give you a hug?!”  I laughed and hugged her.  It was ironic…she felt bad because it took so much time and so many tries to find what she needed, but I was feeling badly that I was taking so much time and so many tries to find what she needed.  I felt like I should have been a lot faster.  But she was happy…happy enough to want to hug me.  Who am I to argue with that?

And then last night my FaceBook messenger popped up.  A friend sent me this quote by Graham Cooke:

“Prophetic people are a bridge. You take people from one dimension to another, and you do that through your own heart.”

And she further commented “THAT is the definition of YOU!!!”

Wow.  It is humbling to know that someone sees me like that.  That is an awesome quote, and it’s something I really do want to do…but on days when I don’t seem to possess the competency necessary to swipe all the loose hair out of my bathroom sink, dimension hopping seems a rather lofty goal, you know?  The encouragement means a lot.

Good words are always…well, good.



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  1. September 26, 2013 6:45 am

    Maybe sinks without hair and toilets without pee are just simply overrated. ;)

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