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Melty math

September 27, 2013

When I was a kid and it was hot outside I would ask for a popsicle and sometimes my mom would say yes.

When you are a kid and you’re hot and you want a popsicle, yes is a good answer.

Popsicles were different then, not like the popsicles we have now that have one stick.  They were called “Twin Pops” because each popsicle had two sticks.  You could hold one stick in each hand and gnaw, nibble, and slurp until the two halves separated, and then began the task of trying to finish the treat without the popsicle falling off the stick and hitting the ground.

A popsicle on the ground is a very sad thing.  Especially a grape one, because those are the best popsicles ever.

There was a disadvantage to having a box of Twin Pops in the freezer, however.  Because most of the time, if I asked for one and my mom said yes, she would grab one and with a quick snap, separate the two halves and hand one stick to me and the other one to my brother.

I never wanted to seem ungrateful, but I also wasn’t fooled for an instant.  A Twin Pop was one popsicle with two sticks, and now I was only getting half a popsicle.

It is particularly disappointing to get half a popsicle if the popsicle is grape, because grape popsicles are the best popsicles ever.

I didn’t complain about only getting half a popsicle, because I knew my mom would not hesitate to turn my half a popsicle into no popsicle at all.  But I knew then, as I know now…

There is more.

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