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Sound the trumpets! Wave the flags!

October 3, 2013

According to WordPress, this is my 750th blog post.  That seems like a lot, and I have to confess…I have no idea what I’ve talked about for most of those 750 posts.  I wonder how many times I’ve repeated myself without being aware of it simply because my brain doesn’t hold an index to all 750 posts?

I probably don’t even want to know that.

Have you ever wondered how to encourage a blogger?  I can’t speak for all bloggers on all platforms, but I can sure speak for me here in WordPress Land.  WordPress makes it really easy for you.

First, look down at the bottom of this post.  See the line of stars where it says “rate this”?  You can click on the number of stars you feel the post merits.  When you do that, you (anonymously) let me know what you thought about the quality of writing and the presentation of the subject matter.  If you look to sidebar on the right you will see a list of my top rated blog posts.  That’s the stars!  This rating system doesn’t cover every post that I’ve ever written because the star system wasn’t in place when I first began blogging.  Still…when you rate a post using those stars, you not only encourage me but you show others what posts you think they should check out when they stop by to find out what time it is (because it’s always time for something, you know).

If you look a little below that you’ll see a place where you can “like” a post.  Liking a post is a bit less technical than rating it, but it’s still a way to let me know how you felt about your visit here.  Rating stars are anonymous, liking is not.

And of course…don’t forget to comment!  Bloggers will tell you, we LOVE comments.  We may try to play it cool, but the truth is we value words.  They are like air and water to us.  Words for our words…how much better can it get?

Many Hey Sparky readers are also my Facebook friends, and lots of you “like” or comment on Facebook when I post a link there.  Thank you so much.  It means a lot to me when you do that.

Thank you for stopping by and for reading, and for coming back, and for keeping on coming back.  Thanks for all the ways you toss me an attagirl.  Thanks for putting up with my weirdness in all its various and sundry forms, and for that matter, egging it on.

The Sparky Nation is one awesome bunch of bananas!

Stay tuned tomorrow for post #751!  And no…I haven’t a clue what it will be about.  But come back and I’m sure we’ll all be surprised!

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  1. October 3, 2013 11:23 pm

    I’m curious how you will post #476 AFTER #750. You are one talented blogger! :)

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