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Wranglin’ and ropin’

October 5, 2013

Mr. Sparky and I were left in charge of GrandSpark 1 tonight, and since this is not our first rodeo, we launched our unspoken plan of action immediately upon his mother’s departure from the premises:

1.  Distract until no longer upset.

2.  Exhaust until no longer awake.

We let him have a few minutes of being upset, because frankly, dramatic wailing feeds right into the second portion of the action plan.  But then we set about distracting him and he perked right up, as 2-year olds are wont to do in such circumstances.  They have the attention span of a gnat and the memory of an elephant, which is why you never let a 2-year-old see where you keep your chocolate stash.

It seemed like a walk up the street and back would be a good way to expend energy, and since the idea was to exhaust the little bugger, we skipped the wagon and let him walk.  It was a great plan because 2-year olds are very entertained by sticks and grass and toads and passing vehicles, and we lacked for none of that even on our quiet little street.  

It was on the walk that we discovered something we already knew, but on a whole new level:  that boy can TALK.  His vocabulary is rather limited, but the words he knows, he repeats a LOT.  And if he doesn’t know the words he needs, he’ll just parrot yours.  I only understand a fraction of what he says, seeing as the only humans completely fluent in Toddler are toddlers themselves, and I’m pretty sure they change up the rules of the language fairly often just to keep true English speakers off balance.

All the way up the street he babbled about trucks and sprinklers and toads and sticks and dark and bugs and mogobikes.  And also reywhyds and cmrros and eebydes, whatever those are.  We got to the end of the street and turned around and he hadn’t come close to running out of words yet.

As the words all ran together in a jumble in my ears, the thought suddenly occurred to me and I had to ask God:  is that what we sound like to You?

I kid you not, I heard Him laugh.

Well, however we sound, I’m just glad He listens and He understands.

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