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So THAT’S what that is…

October 31, 2013

Ever find yourself hearing the same thing many times and you think you understand it, and then suddenly it clicks and  you realize that you’re hearing something in a new way?

The click came this morning at the weekly gathering of the Wonder Triplets.  The Wonder Triplets consists of me and two other Jesus junkies.  We chat, we encourage one another, and we watch videos from Global Awakening to fan our fires.  This morning’s video was Randy Clark.  I had heard most of the stories Randy told in the video, including the one that clicked.  But as he was talking, he began to talk about the few times he’s had the gift of faith to know with absolutely unwavering doubt what God was about to do in a given situation, and how that allowed him to speak into a situation with confidence.  He said it hasn’t happened often, but when it has he’s been able to declare things that then come true immediately.  Like “God is going to ________” and then God does.

And that is when the Holy Spirit elbowed me.

Remember that thing you’ve been asking Me for?  That’s it.  That’s what it’s called.

And I realized that was true, though I hadn’t recognized that this is what I’ve been after lately.  In the past I’ve asked for faith.  I’ve asked for increased faith.  I’ve asked for unwavering faith.  I’ve asked tenacious faith.  But in all that, I’ve never asked for the gift of faith.  And the gift of faith isn’t the same as the faith that is the fruit of the spirit, or the faith that one has to have in order to please God.  It is a supernatural gift.

This evening after church I found myself in a conversation discussing the gift of faith.  I’m sure it was a total coincidence (yeah, right.).  But twice in one day?

Yes…I’m paying attention.

It’s no secret: I chase God.  I chase His presence, His face.  And His hand and His kingdom.  I chase His stuff because it reflects Him, but I wouldn’t want His stuff without Him; it’s just icing.  I’ve chased more than a few of the gifts of His Spirit over time.  Then I got to wondering:  what would happen to the gifts He’s given me if a gift of faith was added to the mix?

Can you say super-mega-turbo-charged?

Not because of my awesomeness, because any awesomeness I have is because of how He made me and how He’s transformed me.  But the gifts of His Spirit are synergistic, whether they reside within one person or within a collection of individuals.  Each gift supports and builds the others for the purpose of building up the body and strengthening the kingdom, and somehow the sum of all those parts becomes greater than the whole.  And faith?  It’s the laser beam focus and intensifier for each gift.  I don’t really know how any of that works, but I know that it does.

At least I know what it is I’m asking for now.


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  1. Mr. Sparky permalink
    October 31, 2013 5:28 am

    I bet you get a lot out of the processing it takes to write this blog. Like the brew time for my French press coffee maker. If I poured water over the ground beans and immediately poured a cup…ew. But wait four minutes for it to process…Oh My. I’m glad you’re blogging. :)

    • October 31, 2013 8:54 am

      Yeah…it’s not easy to translate my processing into verbiage, but it’s useful. Even though I’m an internal processor, I usually find that my processing isn’t complete until I’ve made myself verbalize what’s rolling around in there, since that’s the point that I sometimes find I don’t really think what I think I think. ;)

      • October 31, 2013 9:19 am

        Yes, that is EXACTLY the point I find I don’t really think what I think I think when I’m thinking.

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