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Stuff bomb

November 3, 2013

It looks like something exploded in my living room.

From where I sit I can see toys, a sheet, a water bottle, more toys, a belt, a bag of baby wipes, empty plastic bins that should hold toys, a sippy cup holder thingie, books, and some toys.

It’s an obstacle course, for sure.  But they’re all signs of life.  In five weeks my floor will be clean, and no GrandSparks will be frolicking or dribbling juice on my carpet.  The cats will slowly start to venture out again, and my house will be deafeningly quiet.

Every season of life has lessons.  This one is no different.  I’ve had plenty to learn, and before it’s over and done I’m sure there will be more.

God doesn’t waste at thing when it comes to teaching His kids a thing or two.

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