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Cranky McCrankerson

November 5, 2013

As I sat here, the thought crossed my mind:

It’s just been one of those days.

Huh.  Well, that’s an interesting thought.  One of WHAT days?

And the truth is, I don’t know.  I don’t know what kind of those this day has been. It’s not like anything bad happened.  At least, nothing of any real consequence.

I’m just out of sorts.

The air is too close, my skin is too tight, everything is too loud and moving too fast.  I’m tired of drinking water, my foot aches, it smells weird in here.  There’s too much clutter, there’s something sticky on the floor (again), some animal just barfed on a non-sticky spot.  And what is that and who left it there?

And then, quietly, I heard something else:

You need to eat a salad.


“Yes…I really do.  Thank You.  Please remind me tomorrow when I start thinking about lunch.”

I’m sure He will.

When I am out of sorts it’s easy to become even more out of sorts with myself, wondering why I have such a lousy attitude and why I’m not navigating life better and where, oh where, has my joy gone? (insert woeful whining)  And the truth is, sometimes I really just need to eat a salad, take some supplements, and drink more of the water I’m tired of drinking.  We are body, soul, and spirit, and if you let one part of your triune self slide, the other two can only carry the load for so long before they start tilting, too.

I love that He could have taken this opportunity to tell me a few other things I’ve got all wrong, since I’m obviously in the mood to believe any negative thing He might say to me.  But He’s just not like that.  He’s very kind.  He limited the correction to the issue at hand.  I probably wouldn’t do so well with anything else at this moment anyway, what with the Cranky Factor all ramped up and whatnot.  Show me a molehill and I’ll show you Mt. Everest, sherpas on strike and no oxygen tanks to be found.

Ugh.  I am continually amazed that He likes me even when I don’t like spending time in my own skin.

My skin that needs a salad.



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  1. November 8, 2013 11:23 pm

    I totally had a day like this last week, feeling exactly like you – my skin was too tight & everything else was “too” something. And I KNOW that I should’ve been “giving him praise, declaring scriptures, getting into worship,” you know, all the things we hear from sermon to sermon. But dang-it, you know what? Sometimes those THINGS are the last things that I want to be doing. And yet he loves me so much anyway. Even in my funk. I’m so glad we don’t serve a lowly religious spirit that’s condemning, waiting to zap us with a lightning bolt of shoulda-woulda-couldas, but instead a Sovereign, Mighty, Merciful, Loving, Gracious God.

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