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Baby, it’s cold inside

November 13, 2013

I’ve gotten smarter since last evening.  Tonight I’ve got the steaming mug of tea.  We figured out the reason we were all so cold was that the furnace wasn’t working.  It’s still not working, either.  Circuit board went kaput, and the technician will have to spend tomorrow calling around to figure out if it’s under warranty and what it’s going to take to acquire a new one.  For now, we shiver.  It’s supposed to hit about 35 degrees again tonight.

I like cold weather, but what I like most about cold weather is being all cozy warm inside while it’s chilly outdoors.  Take away the cozy warm inside part and I’m much less of a fangirl for the winter temps.  Especially when it’s making the GrandSparks have cold little ears and cold little toes.  Cold little parts are just sad.

But…there is a roof over our heads.  We have shelter, even if it’s a chilly one.  We have warm clothes, and there are warm blankets for burrowing.  We can draw a hot bath and submerge until we’re half cooked.  We can make hot food and drink hot beverages.  We might get a little uncomfortable, but we’re going to be fine.  Nobody is going to get frostbite.  No one is going to freeze to death.  And we know a repair is coming and our discomfort is temporary.

Not everyone can say that tonight.  There are people who are hungry with no place to rest that is warm and safe.  And in light of that, a couple nights of having to bundle up is nothing to complain about.

We’re blessed.

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