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November 30, 2013

The blogosphere is an interesting place, full of communities and networks and sharing.  Every now and then you’ll see bloggers passing along “awards” to encourage one another.   There are rules for accepting the awards that usually involve sharing some things about yourself and nominating a bunch of other bloggers who qualify for the awards.

I have recently been nominated for two different awards.  It’s a bit more time and energy consuming than I can muster right now, so in essence, I’m declining both awards.  However, I want to honor those who honored me, because it means a lot to me to receive the encouragement of other bloggers who then share my blog with others.  Blog hits, shares, comments, likes, and rating stars are a blogger’s love language, and when a fellow blogger nominates you for an award, it helps bring more traffic to your little corner of the blogosphere.  It’s enough to cause a cyber swoon!

On November 1st, Mel Wild at In My Father’s House nominated me for The Liebster Award.  Mel blogs about matters of faith and the heart.  I look forward to his posts, knowing they will challenge me to live out the message of the kingdom more fully.  The guy professes love for Jesus and spicy food, so you know we’d surely get along if we ever met!  You really should check out his blog.  It’s good stuff.

Then on November 27th, Priceless Joy at Someday I Will Get This Write nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award.  Priceless Joy writes about a bit of everything, and it is quite fitting that she’d be awarded The Versatile Blogger award.   If you’d like your blog-reading experience to feel like hopping into someone’s passenger seat for a four minute ride to wherever they may be going on any given day, then this blog might just be the ticket for you!

Thank you, both of you.  You did this heart good!

If you’re a blogger who’d like some consistent community and encouragement, or a wannabe blogger who doesn’t know where to start but would be all over this blogging thing if you had some idea of how to get going, please consider joining Sparky’s Blog Challenge, which is now included on WordPress’s Events Page.  Click on the hyperlink or hit me up in the comment section if you’d like more details.  We’re 1 part low-key, 1 part high-encouragement, and 4 parts not-right-in-the-head.

In a good sort of way, of course.



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