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A momentary consideration

December 6, 2013

A gust of wind, a swirl of leaves, a moment’s hesitation.

I do not know this path.  I have walked similar paths, but not this particular one.  I don’t know if this path exists as a means to a destination, or if the destination exists as a means for this path.

The path bends beyond my view.  I look around but there isn’t another soul in sight.  Others have walked here, however.  Their footsteps still echo, carried by the wind.

That wind.  That leaping, dancing, wild and furious whisper of the breath of heaven.  It is terrifyingly magnetic, an invitation to come live, come die, come burn in all the colors of the rainbow.

I lean forward into the tumbling swell as it calls my name, knowing it will not let me fall.


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