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Sing we now of Christmas

December 22, 2013

It’s four days before Christmas and we just now got our Christmas tree decorated.  We actually acquired the thing last Tuesday, but it’s taken until Saturday to have time to decorate it.  It’s now sparkling between the front windows, the ceiling fan gently moving the mylar icicles that reflect the twinkling lights.  Pretty.

Agent Mooshie is sprawled on the tree skirt under the tree.  It was so nice of us to bring that tree indoors so he could have a shady place to rest.  He does this every year.  I think he likes the plushness of the furry tree skirt.  Maybe it reminds him of his mama.

Or maybe he’s just a dork cat.

I arranged my Willow Tree nativity set on the fireplace mantle, along with some of the various angels I’ve received over the years.  I love those pieces.  With the exception of the wise men set, every last piece of Willow Tree I own has been a gift.  I never set out to collect them, though I do like them a great deal because of their simplicity.  Many of the gifts have been from people who had no idea that folks just seem to want to give me Willow Tree angels. I only have two duplicates, which I don’t mind at all.  They all have a meaning, and I’m up for a double portion of Freedom and Happiness, which happens to be the ones that have twinsies.  God knew I needed extra of those ones.  And honestly, that is how I receive every one of those angels: as a wink from God, a nod to where I’ve been or where I am or where I’m going.  It’s a delight to receive them because I know He prompted it, and I love hearing what He has to say.

This entire season is about what He has to say.  He spoke, and the Word embraced the flesh of humanity and walked among us as one of us, permanently breaking heaven’s silence with a song of love and redemption.

The darkness did not understand it then, and it does not understand it now.  But to its captives, that song is the sweetest music ever sung.


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  1. December 22, 2013 3:51 pm

    Beautiful post :)


  1. Friendship | God, Family, Country, Love...

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