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A beautiful collision

January 16, 2014

You say wanna come? and I have no reason to hesitate.  When it’s You asking, of course I want to come, and besides, I love the way You ask.

I step out and I stand quietly, waiting for whatever might come next.  I don’t bother to guess what it might be.  It’s ok to just wait.

I hear words, but only a few of them make it all the way to my ears.  They mostly sink into my thirsty skin and disappear from view, absorbed into the depths of me to nourish and tend to the unseen.  And still, I wait.

And then I feel it.  I might have even heard it.  It is like a crack, small but sharp, the sound of breaking, the feeling of something shifting in my chest.

I cannot stop the tears that slide down my cheeks.

Do you want to come?  He repeats.

I nod my head.

It has already cost you dearly.  But it will cost you more still.

“You are worth it,” I reply.  “You are my best yes.”

And I realize I have never said anything more true.  He is the best yes I’ve ever said.  The wildest, most dangerous choice possible, one sure to be the death of me.  And yet in Him I have life.  In Him I am safe.

I find myself standing before two paths.  One is beautiful and serene, wandering through the security of meadows.  The other leads straight into a wall of fire.

Which do you choose?

I want to know where He is going.  I look down.  His feet are not headed toward the meadows.

“I’m going wherever You are going.” I say.

Common sense says I should be afraid.  But the fire has been a friend to me for years now.  It is dangerous, violent, and powerful, but it is also glorious. Without fail, it does for me what I am unable to do for myself.  Some call it strange.  But even when my knees are shaking, I can only call it beautiful.

The only way to walk through a fire is to go through it with someone who loves you perfectly.

So I’m good.

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  1. January 16, 2014 7:51 am

    Beautiful! I hope “He” is Jesus. :D

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