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February 27, 2014

Some nights it’s fun to sit and imagine new ways to see and hear and talk, and then write it here as if it existed somewhere other than between my ears, although once I write it down it essentially does.

This is not one of those nights.

Tonight I feel the way a dog watching TV looks.

You know the scene.  Cocked head, blank uncomprehending stare.

It occurs to me that a nice hot bath would feel really good.  I could throw in some epsom salts and some essential oils and call it a personal spa experience, but if I did that then I’d be submerged upstairs when Mr. Sparky finally comes home and I might miss an opportunity for homemade popcorn.

Life is full of hard choices.

I am not sure what determines which days my mind is a hot wire and which ones it’s just a hot mess.  Maybe I’ve not eaten enough protein today.  Maybe it’s this annoying cough.  Maybe I simply haven’t ingested enough creativity caffeine, which isn’t the stuff you find in coffee and soda but is that intangible swirl of energy and inspiration that occurs when you expose yourself to the power of other creative work and it leaves you jonesin’ to do something—anything—creative to release some of the power you absorbed in the process.

You may think you’re not creative and this doesn’t happen to you, but I bet you are and I bet it does.  Ever notice how when you see a really breathtaking sunset you suddenly feel a little burst of energy inside?

Yeah…that’s it.

If I’m having a lot of hot mess days and few hot wire days, I start going sideways.  I know this about myself.  And the hard part is that once you start going sideways, it’s really hard to get yourself back into hot wire mode.  It usually requires some purposeful intervention.  But an occasional day?  Well…that’s just life.  It’s part of the process, part of the journey.

And who knows…tomorrow I may paint the house Electric Tangerine and trim it in Voltage Violet, just to make up for the slack day.




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  1. February 27, 2014 10:24 pm

    Cool! House painted in Electric Tangerine and Voltage Violet….are you having hot flashes or something? LOL! (Just kidding).

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