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Translating Glory and Dust

March 5, 2014

It’s like a dance.

You step, then I step, then You step, then I step.

Sometimes I step on Your feet.  You never say ouch.

Sometimes I try to lead, and sometimes…You actually let me.

You’re a good dancer, You say.  Go ahead…show Me some moves.  And You make it sound like I’m the best dancer You’ve ever seen, even as I’m tripping over my own feet.  I like that You like my dancing.  It makes me want to dance more.


It’s like a song.

I can hear it from far away, and even when I don’t know where that sound is coming from, I am drawn to it.  I hear it with my ears, I hear it with my heart, I hear it with my bones.

When I hear it, every cell You made in me begins to vibrate with the essence of You.

The sound lifts me, and suddenly I am defying gravity as I swim through the magnetic frequencies.  And that is when I realize…

…my entire life is singing with You, matching You note for note, an impossible symphony that transcends time and language and human nature.

I don’t know how You do that.  I don’t know how You do it in me.  But I love that You do.


It’s like a painting.

You give brilliant color and glorious light a voice, and they whisper and shout and laugh and cry and tell heart-leaping stories that I cannot hold in.

You splash the canvas with life.  It moves and breathes.  It exhales You in all Your You-ness, and I rush to gulp in the fire of it, of You, desperate to be consumed by the wonderful terrible flames, so that I may be

a pure gold brush in Your hand…

a dazzling white canvas for You to express Yourself in and upon…

a pure pigment that reflects Your genius…

a design of Your perfection.


It’s like living an ordinary day.

You’re in the grass in my lawn.  You’re in the ring in the bottom of my coffee mug.  You’re in the breeze on my face.  You’re in the laugh of the stock boy at the grocery store.  You’re in the license plate on the car in front of me at the stoplight.  You’re in the squeak of my right shoe.  You’re in the sunset.  You’re in the contented snore of my cat.  You’re in the glorious, tedious, majestic, daily-ness of the common and the ordinary, and because of that, they are no longer common or ordinary.

And somehow, You surround them all with Your dance, Your song, Your art, and breathe them into me and light them up in a way that they become like fire in my bones, and if I don’t release them, I will surely combust.

But true to the mystery of all things You, in the releasing they burn even brighter, with a joyous fury even hell fears.

This piece was commissioned for the Kingdom Life Vision Center Wednesday evening Encounter series Dreaming With God for the purpose of describing my personal experience of creating with God or receiving creative inspiration from Him in the creative process.

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