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Really, Murphy, I’m no longer under the law…

March 20, 2014

Everyone loves golden days.  You know…those days where things just seem to go right.  You feel all smiley inside because it’s just that kind of day, and you like your own company because frankly, everyone else is a bit of a drag.

And then there are those other days.  Sometimes those other days turn into weeks, and then into entire seasons.

I’m heading into weeks and am hoping I’m not going to see seasons.

There seems to be some sort of force field around me that makes everything go off-kilter.  Given even a small opportunity, I will drop it, break it, forget it, misunderstand it, miscommunicate it, lose it, overlook it, contaminate it, step on it, tear it, bruise it, spill it, crush it, be unable to keep up with it, show up late to it.

I try to stay smiley because it’s generally more fruitful than not, but I suspect I don’t do a great job of it.  I don’t really care for my own company right now because frankly, I’m more than a bit of a drag in my own world.  The pep talks I give myself are either of low quality, or I’m just too spaced out to really grasp what I’m telling myself.

It’s days like these I’m doubly glad God likes me, because I irritate the ever-lovin’ fool out of myself.

God’s mercies are new every morning, which means I have an infinite number of do-overs available.  But gosh…I sure hope I don’t need them all!

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  1. sparrowkindalove permalink
    March 20, 2014 1:41 pm

    The downside of reading this post was that i’m reading it whilst at my desk at work. As soon as i got to the part where you’re “irritating the ever lovin’ fool out of yourself” i burst out laughing. In a QUIET office i might add. So besides the fact that i’m sure a few people here think the cheese has officially slipped off my cracker, i have to tell you that i have SO been there. Hoping the golden days head your way soon! Blessings :)

    • March 20, 2014 1:43 pm

      You returned the favor with “the cheese has officially slipped off my cracker”! Haha! And thanks for the understanding. :)

    • March 20, 2014 2:00 pm

      Awesome! Great new quote…”The cheese has officially slipped off my cracker!”…glad I scrolled down to read the comments!

  2. March 20, 2014 2:14 pm

    Great post once again Lisa! Love the way you “laugh” at yourself. I love it when I have things that I do that makes me laugh at myself. There is too much sadness and despair in this world, and a good ol’ belly laugh makes the worst day a good one. God bless you!

    • March 20, 2014 2:18 pm

      Seems a better option than just stewing silently. I share and then we can all stew together! Haha!

  3. March 20, 2014 2:57 pm

    You’ll be okay. Here’s a…………….there, hug. :)

  4. March 21, 2014 8:26 am

    Find those good moments. Trust me, they’re there. It’s a case of just going a smidgen slower so you can recognize them.

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