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Just try it on for size…

March 29, 2014

What if…

…you didn’t need to prove that you’re right?

…you believed someone else was wrong but still listened with your whole heart anyway, as if their thoughts mattered?

…you believed what you believe so strongly that you didn’t need anyone else to agree in order to be confident and comfortable in your belief system?

…you valued unity over uniformity?

…you valued diversity within unity?

…you didn’t fear error?

…you decided that love that can’t be felt is inferior?

…you really believed that everyone is made in God’s image—even the people who behave badly, or don’t think He’s real, or don’t believe that He cares about them, or think you’re a giant doofus because you do?

…you were so confident of the goodness of God and the integrity of His work in you that you stopped letting your faults and shortcomings be an excuse for playing small?

Seriously…what if?



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