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Tell me, tell me

April 3, 2014

If there’s one thing to be said about the human race, it’s that we sure do find ourselves fascinating.  And for good reason.  We really are.  Quirky, intelligent, emotional, relational, adaptable, and opinionated.  Designed to reflect God.

It seems like there’s no end to our appetite to know about ourselves.  What we think about ourselves isn’t enough; we want to know what others think about us, and how we measure up.  If we measure up.

Lately my Facebook newsfeed has been packed with just-for-fun quizzes that are supposed to tell me something new about myself.  Occasionally I’ll take one, but more often I don’t.  It’s fascinating to me, however, just how desperately we want to know who we are and where we fit it.  We’ll pursue that knowledge even when we know it’s goofy and useless.

There are loads of quizzes available. Here’s a small sampling you can take if you so desire:

What Fruit Are You?

Which Peanuts Character Are You?

What Color Are You?

Which 80s Cartoon Series Are You?

Which Fairytale Creature Are You?

Which Nerdy Sidekick Are You?

What Career Should You Actually Have?

Which Children’s Book Are You?

These are for laughs, but they reflect our insatiable hunger to see our uniqueness and define ourselves.  It’s not a bad thing to understand who we are.  But if we’re not careful who gets opportunity to provide input to our questions, we can find ourselves swimming in a sea of hurt.

It’s easy to forget that the world around us is largely under an enemy influence.  That enemy doesn’t want us to see our true potential, and definitely doesn’t want us to fulfill it.  That means we’re continually bombarded with the temptation to think wrongly about ourselves.  We’re also bombarded with the temptation to think wrongly about God, because it’s only when we discover who He is and how He sees us that we are positioned to become the best versions of ourselves.  Without His influence in every part of our thinking and believing, we’re prone to pride and false humility, which are different ends of the same spectrum of Bad Idea.  We’ll think too highly of ourselves, or far too little.

But Jesus.

He really changes everything.  Because of Him we have access to God and to the realm of supernatural realities and power.  Because of Him we are uniquely gifted and called to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth.  We are carriers of His love, grace, and peace.  We are counter-culture culture counters.  We are light workers.  He wired us each differently to reach a different part of His world and transform it.  He wants to think His brilliant thoughts in our minds.

We’re not cookie cutter people.

You’re not a cookie cutter person.

There’s never been anyone quite like you on the face of the planet, and once you’re gone, there never will be again.  You have an audience and a sphere of influence that is uniquely yours.  If you’re waiting on someone more qualified to step up, forget it.  God didn’t place “someone more qualified” there. He placed YOU.  He gave you those kids, those coworkers, those friends, that family. You have far more impact on them than you realize.

So rise and shine.  Get up and dance.  Sing your song.  Open your arms.  Open your heart.  Remind those around you that they are God’s Happy Thought.

Because that is what we all really want to know.


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  1. April 4, 2014 7:55 am

    I use to take those quizzes too until I realized that some of the questions were ones they use on various programs for “security questions”. Then it dawned on me, “What a sneaky way to get people to give up these security question answers.” Great post Lisa!

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