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It’s only a flesh wound

April 11, 2014

I’ve got a hangnail.

I know, I know…many of you just cringed.  It’s the same cringe you get when someone mentions having a paper cut or scraping a knuckle or biting the inside of their mouth.

Teeny tiny little owies, those are.  Too bad they don’t have teeny tiny little pains to go with them.

But nope.  The nature of those sorts of owies is to annoy you with far more pain than seems reasonable for such a seemingly insignificant wound.  Not only that, but those sorts of wounds are prone to infection and re-injury.

This means you get to feel like a total whiner because you’ve got a pain you can’t stop thinking about, let alone stop accidentally bumping or re-biting.  You see folks in wheelchairs or with casts and think, man…I really have nothing to complain about.  And then you chomp down and chew off another piece of the inside of your cheek.

Well, ok…you might complain a little bit about that.  Or maybe a lot.

It seems to be our nature to judge pain by the size of the wound that produced it.  Small wound should equal small, pain, right?  A big wound justifies big pain.  But a small wound that produces big pain?  Surely someone is being overly dramatic about it.  It can’t be that bad.  After all, it’s barely visible, it’s so small.

Even the tiniest wounds can open doors for systemic infection if they don’t receive appropriate consideration and attention.

And the rules for the body are the same as the rules for the soul.



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  1. April 11, 2014 7:16 am

    I saw a TedX video a while ago that said don’t judge someone else’s pain. There isn’t a yardstick for that and it doesn’t need a qualifier. We don’t judge or measure happy, and likewise we shouldn’t judge or measure pain or hurt. That segment has stuck with me, and I pray it continues to. You are right on with this piece.

  2. April 11, 2014 8:22 am

    Loved it! The last line was great. :)

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