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100 watts of higher thoughts

May 29, 2014

The express lane was empty and so I slipped into the line and began unloading the three items in my hand basket.  I had a loaf of five grain Italian bread, an angel food cake, and a carton of  Breyer’s Creamsicle ice cream.

“Oh!” exclaimed the checkout clerk.  “Are you going to put the ice cream on the angel food cake?”

“Sure am,” I replied.  “With fresh strawberries.”

She nodded as if considering the combination.  “Mmm.  That sounds interesting.”

“We used to eat angel food cake with vanilla ice cream and strawberries,” I explained, “and then we discovered how crazy good it is to substitute orange sherbet for the vanilla ice cream.  It goes fabulously with the berries and cake.  But this Creamsicle flavor gives the best of both worlds, so we change it up and have it now and then.”

Her eyes got big.  “Wow…that sounds awesome!  I would like some of that!  If only I didn’t have a stomach ache…”

I smiled at her.  “Well, that’s no good.  You should tell that stomach ache to stop it!  You were not made for stomach aches.”

“That’s right!” she said slowly, as if it was the first time the thought had ever occurred to her.  “I wasn’t made for stomach aches!”

“Nope, you weren’t!”

“I like that! ‘I wasn’t made for stomach aches!'”  She smiled broadly and repeated it again, and she stood a little taller as I grinned at the bagger and took my groceries.  I wished them both a good evening and walked out of the store.

I have no idea if she had ever entertained the idea that there are things she was created for, and things she was not created for.  By her reaction, I’d venture to say it was new.  It seemed to be quite the revelation in that moment.  But a moment was all we had, because she was on the clock and a new customer was beginning to unload groceries onto the belt of her register.

I reckon God knew that when I stepped into her line in the first place.

I hope that tonight she’s considering what else she might be made for…or not made for.

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